Monday, 27 June 2005

We had a visitor...

We had a visitor this weekend - my little brother, David. To give Dad and Caroline a bit of free time on Sunday we babysat. Plus I remember what it was like to be little and dragged around furniture shops and garages - boring!

First we had to decide where to go to play.

Where do we go now?

So we ran round the house.

How about round here?

Somebody really enjoyed playing with the hose after helping Robert wash down the cars. Of course we believed him when he kept saying "Come closer, I won't squirt you". Yeah right! By the time we finally got the hose off him (we said the water tank had run out of water!) both him and Robert were soaked.

Hose monster

I like hosing!

Somehow I think walking across planks and digging in the dirt seemed to keep him happy for quite a wee while.

Building bridges

I can see him wanting to go rock climbing with Robert once he gets a bit bigger.

Walk the plank

So what else did I do this weekend? Watched Glastonbury on the telly while knitting the baby shawl. A great way to pass the time - in comfort (no mud), great music and loads of knitting done.

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Anonymous said...

Looks like you all had a lot of fun, and what's this.......sunshine in Aberdeen? I hope you get the chance to enjoy it (BTW what is Robert building?).