Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Slowly improving...

I think I'm starting to get the hang of this sewing malarky after all.  I'm rather pleased with the latest creation - a Monique Dress.  All created from some vintage fabric off Ebay and some cotton curtains from a charity shop back home.  All created in time for wearing to a wedding next month.

Next we tackle French seams...!

Monday, 23 January 2012

So I started sewing!

Simplicity 1998
I finally got round to getting a decent sewing machine at the end of October 2011 as we had John Lewis vouchers we had received for our wedding back in 2010 and  we had never got round to using them as being old buggers when we got hitched then we had most of the housey stuff you would get from JL.  So, as long as I promised to get round to making stuff for my DB then a sewing machine was a'right.  The rest of the vouchers went on a fridge freezer because we really know how to rock and roll!

Lisette 2059
 Ebay has been plundered for fabric and patterns.  A theme is emerging of loud and in your face fabric just ripe for the 50's to 70's patterns that seem to be attracting me!

Lisette 2245
There are mistakes (obviously) but everything is wearable in public!
Lisette 2211

The current pattern stash!
I'm happy with it all :-)

2011 wasn't as productive as 2010 but not bad considering the "stuff what happened"!

It wasn't my most productive year but then I did also start sewing, albeit very slowly, which has slowed down the speed of production somewhat...

Lundish 1, 2. Jen's scarf, 3. Fruit Sherbet sock, 4. Botanical cowl, 5. Icing Swirl hat, 6. Regina Hat, 7. Obi socks, 8. Vignette Cardigan, 9. Asa jumper, 10. Drop Stitch scarf, 11. Retro Forest Jersey, 12. Que Sera, 13. Olivia, 14. Pembroke wrap, 15. Blankie Cardi