Friday, 10 June 2005

A poem

I haven't had much spare time this last week for updates (work and DIY have got in the way) but I did just come across this poem in a book I'm giving to a friend for her birthday. We went to see him give a reading at the Word Festival a few weeks ago and he was absolutely brilliant.

"In hospital

I like seeing nurse frieda knitting
as I like watching my wife knitting
as I liked watching my mother knitting
though she was more of a dabber
(plain and purl, plain and purl)

it's not
'women being in their place'
or knitting the chains that keep them down


the future, knitting the future
the present peaceful, quiet
as if

the same woman knitting
for a thousand years"

Tom Leonard (Access to the Silence 1984-2004)

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