Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Some folk are just plain sneaky!

Last Friday we (note the use of the royal "we" as in myself and Derek my DB) went up to Orkney for a long weekend. We really couldn't have scored better on the weather if we'd tried. For a start there was no wind - and that is not normal in Orkney!

We had to get up at 5am to catch our flight so I was a bit knackered but someone else was just a tad hyper for most of the day. He wanted to go and see and do absolutely everything he possibly could and it was starting to wear me out! We did a little bit of shopping in the morning but I didn't think too much of it as the item we would have to come back into town for in the afternoon was something that was going to have to stay in a drawer for at least a few more weeks so I wasn't that excited.

So we tootled about a bit more, saw more relatives, hung about while Derek did the majorly important thing (!) of getting his membership for the Orkney Trout Fishing Association, then wandered off to the Bay of Skaill to meet up with some pals as they were going to walk their dog there. It was really warm there (turns out Orkney managed to be one of the warmest places in the UK on Friday) and there were even kids paddling in the sea. They breed them tough up here!

So then himself starts playing about with some rocks...

And then he makes me a wee seat that looks out to sea and invites me to sit on it...

And I am totally gormless. I never twigged at all. He kneeled down in front of me and told me a few things i.e. "our pals aren't coming for a walk...that was just a ploy" and "my divorce came through on Wednesday...I'm a free man again" (and he'd been telling me that we were still waiting on that minor detail) and "would you make me very pleased by agreeing to marry me?"

Like duh!

I'll stop grinning at some point once the high wears off but at the moment I'm just very very pleased that my honey managed to pull it all together on the most perfect day you could have at my favourite spot in the whole world.

Tuesday, 17 March 2009


Don't know about this being 41 business. Wasn't too fussed for turning 40 actually but today is St Paddy's day and it's my birthday.

At least it's sunny...and I'm not working as such. And the wool I ordered had come into the wool shop so I was able to buy myself a little birthday pressie.

Time to make the most of the sunshine and go for a run down the beach. The dog will enjoy it and I'll collapse in a heap at some point...