Tuesday, 29 November 2005

Finally finished something for me!

Finally finished something for me the other day after lots of Christmas knitting i.e. stuff that can't be photographed just in case folk look even though most of those getting the presents aren't exactly computer literate! I used the Cat & Dog Hip Knits silk and a pattern from the latest Interweave Knits for a Chanel style cardi which is more of an evening thing. No fastenings and I shortened the sleeves to 3/4's. I like it! Had to have it ready for going out with the girlies on Sat night after all.

Taking some stuff out with me offshore but don't know if I'll have much of a chance to do it. I don't get out there until about 7pm tonight so might only be doing presentation all day tomorrow. They might have one lined up for 8pm tonight - we'll see. I'm wearing about 5 layers - the recommended amount is 3 at this time of year. It's pigging cold and choppers don't have fancy heating like planes do.

Our weekend trips got postponed until next year and although the money would have been nice I'm quite relieved in some ways as I have plenty other stuff to crack on with that will pull in a reasonable amount of money by the end of January. It gives me more time to catch up with friends and family as well which suits me fine. Might even make it down to Mum's before Christmas rather than her have to hoick her bones all the way up here. I'll suss it all out once I get back on Thursday.

Feeling all hyper after having an email read out on Jeremy Vine this lunchtime. I know that makes me a sad case but it was more that he described as their email of the day! Just a wee story on a customer we had in Owlies who complained her soup was too hot and expected to get a free meal out of it - we told her to blow on it!. Considering I've been sending emails for the last 18 months I'm quite chuffed to get one read out.

And to finish...a pretty sunset from the other week. Yet another reason to try and stop the "Cooncil" trying to spoil things round about here by building even more rubbish. Why spoil a pretty view just to have more office buildings that will be left empty as there's no one around to fill the office space. The fight starts here...!

Tuesday, 15 November 2005

Eek...what next?!

It's all about to go a bit dolally for me now. Six offshore trips between now and Christmas starting with a 5.45am check-in tomorrow morning. Three of them are overnighters, one is for a couple of nights and the other two are over 2 weekends in December. I'm obviously getting old as I'm not that bothered about missing out on nights out - thinking of the cash instead to be honest. We've a few things we want to finish off in the house so the money's going to be a lot more useful than a couple of lost weekends.

It's all a bit up and down as we've found out now that not only are Scottish Enterprise going to build in the fields on our side of the track (eventually, well 3 or 4 years time anyway) but that the "Cooncil" (lovely folk) rezoned the land on the other side of our track a couple of years ago and want to take over another couple of fields to make another small industrial estate. So much for Green Belt - that obviously means sweet fanny adam! Just makes it a bit of a pain for when we come to sell as it might put off a few folk. We'll have to tread very carefully. It doesn't actually make spectactular sense for all this building of office space and low-level industrial units as demand for that sort of space will certainly go down rather than up as the oil industry downsizes over the next 30 years. There's loads of empty office space in Aberdeen - why build more! It doesn't really make sense to me.

Something else is going on which is driving up the wall with distraction but I can't say anything about it as it might not come off and while it's a bit scary it's also potentially very exciting. It could mean huge life changes - and no, it doesn't mean I am or I'm about to get pregnant. That's not scary or exciting - that's a whole other realm that we don't even want to enter...

So have I found time to knit even with all this work and other stuff going on? Like duh! Course I have. Finished the bedsocks for my Granny so just need to get sommthing else to send with it for her birthday. Hopefully she won't destroy a pair of cute bedsocks but I will make sure that careful care instructions are sent. She does have a habit of killing woollen items! I've also finished a loopy scarf (Colinette Isis) for Lou's birthday and I've nearly finished a lacey shrug (Artesano Alpaca and some discontinued Kaffe Fassett Kid Silk) for her as well. Just need to do a pair of wristwarmers (Rowan Kid Classic) to complete the luxury set as I've used all really plush yarns. She likes her luxury does our Lou. I've got to a do a couply of loopy scarves for Secret Santa type pressies and then I've got a pair of bedsocks to do for Mum as well so that should complete the Christmas knitting for this year.

Better go and find my clothes for the next couple of days. You have to dress in layers offshore as you never know what the hell the air-con is going to be like. It's going to be freaking cold...

Thursday, 3 November 2005

I've been a busy bee...

I have been rather busy knitting up all my Ally Pally purchases. I just couldn't keep my hands off most of the stuff - the only thing I haven't played with yet are my beads but then I can't take them offshore. Considering that I've been a tad busy with lots of stress presentations and workshops it's been rather fine to have lots of luxury yarns to play with.

First up - the angora/kid mohair mix hat. So soft, so cosy, so lush. Think I should make one for George?

Angora/Kid Mohair hat

Then I made a "Flora" (sans flower) with the chunkier angora. It is so gorgeous to wear and I spend half my time just sitting stroking it it's so fine.


Think George likes it as well...

George modelling Flora

Finished sock number one for Granny's birthday at the end of the month. I just hope she doesn't ruin them in the washing as they are alpaca and she has a a habit of shrinking natural fibres to hell and back. About to start another pair for Mum's Christmas as well in some lovely chocolate brown alpaca.

Sock from above

My Kaalund is being made up into a gorgeous wee jumper from a People's Friend supplement from the 1940's. I think it suits the wool perfectly and it's rather nice to have something rather delicate and lacy.

People's Friend jumper

The HipKnits silk didn't last long before I had to start knitting that up into a Chanel style cardi from the Interweave Knits special "Knitscene". I'm making it slightly smaller than the original as I know the silk has a tendency to drop with wear and since I'm not exactly blessed with the broadest of shoulders or biggest of boobs then neat fit is best to start with.

"Cat & Dog" Chanel Cardi

And finally...Vicki taught me how to crochet a Granny Square at the weekend however I think we can safely say that version no 1 kind of missed out on any resemblance to crochet. We laughed at attempt number 1!

Granny Square no 1!

However attempt no 2 was much more successful and does bear some resemblance to real crochet. Starting to get there. Don't think I'll turn totally to the other side but I do like the embellishments you can add to things once you've got the hang of it.

Granny Square no 2...

Stitch'n'Bitch tonight - time for a catch-up since I haven't been in ages.