Monday, 13 June 2005

My Secret Pal has been nice to me!

I like this Secret Pal malarky. Look what I got in the post today. I've already been reading it and giggling at some of it while nodding sagely (!) in agreement in other bits. Titter away...

Secret Pal

Considering it has been a pretty shit day weatherwise it was rather fine to get my trugs delivered. If pink doesn't cheer you up in the garden then nothing will and you're obviously a miserable git. Pink trugs, pink wellies - Barbie in the garden, that's me!

They're pink!

And of course the boys have been having a great time exploring the big hole that Robert has dug out for the patio. It's amazing what can happen at the bottom of a hole when you're a cat...

Cats in the hole...

Of course a hole isn't as cool as the stuff that comes out of it. Admit it, if you were a cat you would think this is the biggest litter tray in the whole world. They love it.

The biggest litter tray in the world!

And now I have a picture of our house from the air. I know it's all a bit "Big Brother is watching you" but it's pretty smart all the same. It's very similar to the view I get when I fly overhead on my way to some salubrious oil rig in the North Sea. A view I must admit that I prefer on the way back home rather than on the way out. Once I fly over the house I know I'm not far from home...and my knitting!

Findlay Farm from up above


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you like the book Maureen. I've got a copy myself and it makes me laugh too as you can recognise yourself in a lot of what Stephane says.
Happy Knitting ;)
Your Secret Pal!

Scattered Gemini said...

Very cool pic of your farm!!

It reminds me of...shortly after my Dad had his house built in 1989, some anonymous man showed up on his doorstep with several pictures of my Dad's new house taken from a helicopter's view. The man was selling them. And thinking it was very neato my Dad bought one, it's still hanging framed in his family room and it's interesting to note the additional houses that have been built since the photo was taken! Quite a keepsake...just as yours is!


The Fearless Knitter said...

Love the farm shot! Wow - you really live in the country eh?!