Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Knitted stuff wot I finished in 2008...

Finished Objects 2008
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It's nice to look and see that I did actually finish some stuff in 2008 - and didn't just have a huge case of startitis without the secondary symptom of unfinisheditis and still sitting in my knitting basket!!!

Still got an awful lot of stuff that has been hanging about for absolute ages and trying to be good and finish off the majority of all that before I start casting on for new stuff.

There's an awful lot of temptation out there though...sometimes it's hard being a finisher when you're a true procrastinator at heart.

Sunday, 25 January 2009

A peedie bit bumpy offshore this week...!

We had 60 knot winds and a wave height of 7.5m on Thursday when I was offshore. It was fun watching the waves from the Control Room. Seasick...nah! I was absolutely starving and spent the day stuffing my face...oink :-)

It was all back to normal service the next day - shame I had to wait for the second flight on Friday to get home just because I had to test one guy. The joys!

Monday, 12 January 2009

The gayest fabric on earth...!

Whee! Gay as can be! The liveliest, loveliest cloth of the year. "Gayella" - a new blend of fine cotton and wool - comes from Viyella House and you'll love its happy patterns for younger clothes especially. We should be delighted to send you patterns.

The use of the word "Gayella" (Regd.) by kind permission of Gayon (Gayon Fine Furnishing Fabrics)...

Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Ravelry fame continues...

And now my fame continues on Ravelry..he he! I've just had my 3rd project picked to be on a main project page. Rather pleased with that and so is my honey as he took 2 of the pics.

The projects are...
Twinkle Dress from Vogue Knitting, Winter 2007/08

Design 23 from Noro Designer Mini Knits by Jenny Watson

Tabatha by Jenny Watson from Noro Catwalk Book 1

I also spent the first 2 days of the New Year adding my stash to Ravelry. That means I was able to download it all onto an Excel spreadsheet. Then I added up my totals...eek! Now I know I'm an amateur in comparison to many but I still manage to have 241 balls of wool (and other assorted fibres) which further equates to 21,000 metres of very fancy string...or virtually a half-marathon! Guess who's going to be stash-busting this year then ;-)

The other big thing for this year is to see if I can figure out the difference between "want" and "need". Too often I buy stuff on a whim and that can stop. Plus I need to stop hanging onto stuff for no good reason - bits of paper, books I read but didn't particularly like, clothes I never wear...the list goes on. I have to downsize at some point this year (when I eventually sell the house) and go from being one person spread out over a 4-bedroomed house (which I must admit has been great :-)) to being one of 4 people sharing a 3-bedroomed house. If it doesn't have a use then it's no point holding onto it just for sentimental value. Amazing how often that when something had gone that you no longer miss it (ex-boyfriends being a prime example?!). In all the years that I've been doing the good old wardrobe clearout I've only missed 2 dresses that I got rid of - however I reckon I might be able to get hold of patterns to make them again so...that leads onto the other resolution for this year. Time to learn how to use the damned sewing machine that I have upstairs. At least then I can stand a better chance of having clothes that fit from the off! And I want to make a big huge slouchy beanbag...he he!

Thursday, 1 January 2009

New Year Resolution

Thought I might as well go for something that was achievable in this instance. Having scored rather well at Christmas on more wool and knitterly goodies I had a wee look at my craft wall when I got back to mine and decided that it was about time that I started to use my stash rather than just keep adding to it so...this year's resolution is to use from my stash 90% of the time.

There is a lot of it. I've been adding it to Ravelry and I'm not finished yet. There are an awful lot of odd skeins so I think there will need to be a bit of jiggery-pookery for some items to enable the production of garments but if it makes me a bit more inventive and creative then that's not a bad thing now is it. There will be one instance where purchasing some new wool will be allowed but until the inspiration strikes there won't be any money leaving my hands. All part of the streamlining and downsizing in 2009.

Happy New Year from the two of us...love XX