Sunday, 3 July 2005

More pressies...

I'm really enjoying this Secret Pal business, especially as mine has spoilt me rather well. I'd just got back from offshore on Friday and was stopped at the end of my road waiting to get the post off the Postie when there was a lovely little parcel waiting for me. It contained the most gorgeous silk yarn from Hip Knits. Isn't it lovely? So far it's kind of yelling out Clapotis - not the most original idea perhaps but so gorgeous and would mean that the true beauty of the colours can be appreciated. I've had to keep feeling it to see just how lovely it is.

Hip Knits

So I'm almost organised to send my Secret Pal her pressies. I'm just waiting for the last of it to arrive from Amazon so I can send it all off in one box. I'm sending out of the UK so I'd rather do it all in one go. Of course when I went to get a nice selection of yarn from the Wool Shed the bargain bin there kind of shouted out to me so I ended up with 6 hanks of discontinued Rowan at £1 per hank.

Wool Shed bargains

It's the first time I've made it into the Wool Shed (her opening hours can be a bit erratic at times) but it was worth the visit. The rest of Saturday was fun too as Kev and Vicki were round so myself and Vicki spent the day knitting, chatting and watching Live 8. That was worth it purely for the Pink Floyd performance - pure belter! Still nowhere near finished the baby shawl and meeting up with the new mum on Wed night (with a few others) for a meal. Oh dear. I'll keep going - it will not beat me!


Anonymous said...

I'm really pleased you like your silk Maureen. I'm knitting with it at the moment and its so lovely and soft! And your purcheses from the Wool Shed are great - who can resist a bargain!
Happy Knitting :)
Your Secret Pal x

Ruby Girl said...

The yarn from the sale looks beautiful, and the sp5 yarn for your looks great too.

Sarah Lamont said...

I just Yahoo'd The Wool Shed and came upon your blog! I'll be visiting Fife in a couple of weeks and dying to get my hand on some Debbie Bliss yarn? How is this shop for DB products? Would love any feedback if you get a moment. Thanks!
Sarah (from Canada)