Thursday, 18 January 2007

A testament to Tunnocks...

There are certain things in life which, if they were denied, would make the world a harsher place. There are also some things in life which, whilst adding to the general well-being of an individual, really do nothing more than stuff up your system. Here we have a perfect example: the Tunnocks snowball...! A confection that is almost 50% sugar (47g per 100g to be precise) and god knows how many hydrogenated fats is not going to be good for us. We know, duh! But do we care? As if!

So what if it rots our teeth and leads to heart disease if we eat loads and loads and loads of them (scientific disclaimer: in moderation they're fine...oh, they really are so fine!). They really are one of the finest Scottish inventions ever. Some may put the invention of the telephone or the TV ahead of this. Others may have a preference for the discovery of penicillin but not here. We're a country that tops (or comes pretty close) the league table in so many things - heart disease, lung cancer, teenage pregnancy - but we're also a country that delights in sugar and fat in wonderful quantities. And who can blame us - they taste fine.

If only we could learn to keep them in moderation but Scots don't tend to do moderation - why else do you think our Hogmanay celebrations are the best. If you're going do it...then go for it!


Riggwelter said...

I live off Tunnocks wafer/caramel biscuits, they are the best!

Maureen said...

And when eating a Tunnock's teacake one has to eat them properly by eating the chocolate first, mallow second, then biscuit base last! I did send the wafers and logs to the last Secret Pal I had across in the States. They went down very well but what do you expect - they're perfect!