Friday, 19 January 2007

Last night was Stitch'n'Bitch time. I just loved the way the Noro photographed. It's such a nice contrast between the felted hat and the unfelted scarf. Much as I love some of the colour combinations of Noro I've never fallen in love with the yarn the same as most of the others have. I've always been more of a Colinette babe myself as far as their colour combinations go. Plus their shade card is just so gorgeous - you almost want to eat it!

I did putter along with my SWTC Karaoke shrug from VK Winter 2006. It's nearly finished although some folk were a bit stunned at just how small it seems to be, but then, I'm hardly a big girl so what's the point of knitting something big! My other bit of Karaoke is going to have to ripped back I think as the pattern just hasn't done it justice. I did the green cropped cardi from one of the Knit.1 mags but it just doesn't fit or look right. Looks great on the model but absolutely shite on me! Thing is I adore the pinky shades of the wool and want it to be used for something I'll actually wear so don't want to waste it by it being all knitted up and then stuffed in a drawer. What a waste!

And tonight I'll aim for a good clear-out of the stash. I have loads of little balls of wool which are no use to me but if I bag them up within like colours then I can pass them onto the charity shop and they can either sell them or give them to folk to knit up into squares. I could do the whole charity knitting thing but that is not my thing to be honest. I'm selfish! I like to make stuff for me or people I know so I'll leave the charity stuff to someone else who enjoys it. At least if I pass on the unused/unwanted stuff then someone else can make use of it. Shame to waste and I really don't need it sitting on my shelves just because the different colours look pretty!

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