Tuesday, 16 January 2007

Camera phone in action...!

Got my new camera phone on Saturday and I'm steadily working my way through learning how to work the damn thing. Feel like I'm turning into the gadget queen - might as well be a boy. It was a rather fine, frosty, iced-up puddles sort of day though so to prove that I can get off my arse occasionally I did take a few pics as I went up my road to pick up the post. I was good...didn't jump on the puddles to break the ice but that's only because I didn't have my wellies on and my trainers are a tad non-waterproof.

And to prove that I do still knit nowadays - and we are ignoring the Aran jumper that has been on the needles since last year - here is Flicca. My version is in some cheapo burnt orange non-wool/acrylic label-less blend of an unknown meterage that I picked up for just under £17 in Tait and Style when I was back home in Orkney for my Dad's 60th. It has a shiny strand through the woolly bit that's really nice and catches the light real purty like. There isn't quite enough to finish the collar and edgings but I have a cotton tape yarn which is going to be used for that. We'll just call it contrast and a design feature rather than "oops, that was a bit close!" I have lopped about 4 inches of the bottom of the card, and rejigged accordingly, purely on the grounds that I am a short-arse (5'4") so the full-length one would end up dragging on the floor by the time I'd worn it a few times. Still have to take the final decision on the button question - what a dilemma!? After all the other dilemmas I'm dealing with in life at the moment it's nice to have one that is relatively easy.

The other dilemma's are tales for another day...suffice to say, they have made life interesting for the last year...!

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