Tuesday, 19 July 2005

Teva's finished!

I've finally finished something! It seems like ages since I actually finished a project. I am awfully chuffed with the Teva shrug. It's very pretty, very soft and very different! I think I might have to make another one in a different colour. I did spot some discontinued Kaffe Fasset Kid Classic out at the Wool Shed in a nice pink so I might get that if the price is right. We shall see.

Shrug 1

Shrug Variations

I've had a bit of garden frenzy because if I didn't do something soon then the weeds were going to take over. I can't believe how much the tatties have grown and most of the other stuff is doing pretty well as well.

Progress July 2005

I've even got my first tomato appearing. Hopefully there will be few more yet.

Some things work, some things...!

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Anonymous said...

Teva looks great Maureen! I've not seen a pattern for a shrug with a roll neck but what a great idea! Your garden looks great too. I've managed to grow some lettuce this year (which have all gone to seed now) and my tomatoes are just starting to flower! Hope you enjoy the "fruits of your labour".
Your Secret Pal!