Wednesday, 16 March 2005

Slightly frustrated!

I finished adding my lacey extras to the leafy camisole I've been making, went to try it on and have discovered that unfortunately my bossums don't quite meet with the bust measurement created - bugger! It's not really possible to rip it back so I'll just have to sew in a couple of darts under my armpits instead. A pain but I'm sure it'll work just as well if I take me time over it. And what has one learnt from this episode? To measure more accurately as one goes. I do like the effect of the double leafy straps though as one stays up on my shoulder and the other one falls off and sits below my tattoos. So it's an almost there job and will be sorted shortly. Hey ho!

Feeling dead chuffed with myself that I'm getting the hang of adding all the little extras to my sidebar. The next thing will be to learn how to add photo galleries. The challenges continue...

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Stella Duffy said...

dear Maureen, am trying to find someone to finish a cardigan my Mum was doing for me before she died. there's not much to do, but there's also no pattern. she made stuff up. wonder if you might know of anyone/any sites that might be able to help?
glad you enjoyed Parallel Lies (amazing what sites google throws up!)
you can contact me via website
many thanks
Stella Duffy