Thursday, 20 January 2005

Multi-coloured gloves - the easy way!

Decided to put the hoodie aside for a moment and instead I've kicked off on a pair of fingerless gloves with a ball of the Opal sock yarn in a lovely lilac background. It's a really cool way to make the gloves look much more complicated than they are with the self-patterning fair isle effect. I found the pattern on MLM Inspirations - she does some really lovely stuff. I've never actually been brave enough to work with dpns before so it's a bit of a learning curve but then I've been trying to push my knitting skills since I got back into with a vengence this last year. No point in standing still. Robert has commented "just how many gadgets does it take to make something!?" but considering he's a bit of a techno freak for all sorts of toys, at least my toys are much cheaper and make lots of new interesting things. I decided it really was time to make the gloves or else I'd miss winter altogether and wouldn't have a chance to wear them and show them off! It's getting pretty bitter outside as we speak and there's already been a snow shower this morning. Might get enough snow to ski on out at Glenshee or the Lecht if we're lucky soon. Here's hoping...

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