Tuesday, 18 January 2005

A good night on Thursday with 10 of us at the Stitch N Bitch. I hadn't felt like going beforehand as it's been a bit dodgy headwise these last few weeks but I was really glad I went. My latest creation was admired which was lovely and then it was down to the business of gassing and making mistakes in the knitting. It was decided that it's never a good idea to take anything with you that involves any degree of complication as you only make mistakes due to the amount of chatting that goes on. The next SnB should be around the 3 of Feb.

All excited because I ordered my copy of Knit.1 today. I really want to knit the jumper in it with the holey sleeves. Paula's off to the States in Feb so hopefully she can get me the Spring/Summer copy. Might ask her to pick up Vogue Knitting International for me as well. I received my latest copy of Knitting magazine. I like the articles but they really don't get it with the patterns. They're still too Woman's Weekly for my liking and their fashion stylist is a bit dodgy with some of the things they pick for the model's to wear with the patterns. I'm preserving with it in the hope that it'll get there eventually.

I've managed to finish the back of my hoodie from the first SnB book. It doesn't look like it's going to take too long which considering how cold it is at the moment is probably a blessing. I'm trying to be good and not start anything else until I've finished it but I do have a big ball of Opal yarn which is just waiting to be picked up and made into a pair of fingerless gloves. Can I ca' canny and be good? We shall see...

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