Sunday, 19 March 2006


Thursday night was Stitch'n'Bitch night at the Belmont and I've been wanting to take photos at it for ages but it didn't feel right to borrow Robert's camera. However now that one has her own camera that is not an issue. I must admit that I kind of gave up on knitting for the night as I couldn't concentrate and just sat and yapped instead. As always it was nice to have a good old catch-up, especially as I'll miss the next few because I'll be offshore. A jolly old time was had by all!

Gill, Claire and Isobel

Carol, Susan and Jacqui

Fast hands

Table mess




catmadcarol said...

Your photos are great Maureen. I look a bit chubby! My hats look good though!

knitsnspins said...

Great photo of me :-) Just how I like it, no face and most of the body missing :-)

Karen Mojo said...

Great Website. Made by Mojo - I love it you must come visit MOJO WORLD!!No knitting sorry!!

Karen Mojo said...

I am In the Barratt Houses in the Coppice Rise Development at the back of Ellon. Thanks for stopping by Mojo World.

Kelly said...

Wow - I'd never thought of bringing my camer along to Stitch N Bitch but next Wednesday, I am going to be a snap happy knitter!

Lovely blog too :)