Wednesday, 1 March 2006

So pretty

Still more snow today and it's getting prettier and prettier the more that falls. Looks like I might be able to get the blades out fairly soon to play in the field. There's still a bit of green poking thourgh but not for much longer.

What's even better of course is that I get to have a wood-burning stove going in my office to keep me warm. How cosy is that?

In knitting news I've set myself back a couple of days on the Aran jumper - mainly because there was a mistake that the more I looked at I felt less able to live with. It was in panel E which is the most repeated pattern and because it put the alignment of the crossing cables off by 2 rows I found it more and more noticeable as the back got bigger. Of course most folk wouldn't have noticed but it was starting to annoy me so I thought "sod it" and ripped it right back to the beginning. I wasn't that happy with the evenness of my rib either so I've changed from 1x1 rib to 2x2 rib. It just looks better. At least when I get back up to the cable patterns I'm fairly familiar with 4 out of the 5 panels so I should get back up to the same bit I stopped at within a couple of nights. Call it a learning experience. I can see me wanting to be more perfect about doing this than quite a few other things - mainly because it's for someone else and it's the sort of jumper which should last for 15-20 years if it's looked after properly, which I know Dennis will.

Just had a pile of snow fall off the roof with a loud "tud"!

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