Sunday, 5 March 2006

Some knitting porn...and a peedie grain more snow!

I have finished a few things this year - just never got round to posting pictures of them. First off was the Teva Durham asymetric jumper in some Rowan Cork. Very cosy and cute but not quite warm enough for the dumps of snow we've got at the moment.

Next up was another Teva pattern from the Interweave Knits Winter magazine. I altered slightly to 3/4 length sleeves as I wanted it to be slightly more dressy. It only used 2 and a bit balls of the Paton's Cotton I got for around 70p a ball out of the Littlewood's closing down sale. It goes rather well with my Monsoon wrap dress I got in the sale for a bargain price too. The cardi was much admired at a party I went to so that was a score for me!

In time for wearing for Robert's birthday I finished Lelah, a free pattern from Knitting for Boozehags. Her original pattern doesn't have straps but being rather on the flat side in the chest department I thought it best to add some to be on the safe side. Me and boobtubes don't had a history of working together. I'm going to unpick and remove one pattern repeat out of the straps as they have lengthened slightly with blocking. Again I got heaps of compliments on this one.

Finally I finished another One Skein Wonder, although I extended the amount of rib I did so it gives more of a shawl collar effect and I added a lace repeat round the sleeves to make them slightly longer and so that it matches up with Lelah as more of a funky twinset. It think they look really cute together.

As far as Aran adventures go - I'm back up to where I ripped it back. There is a wee mistake right near the bottom but it's not nearly so noticeable. It doesn't put the panel out of sync the way the other mistake did. Time to get back to it and try and get another few repeats in before my offshore trip for this week. Might have to make some custard to go with the cherry pie Robert took him for pudding first. Choices, choices...!

P.S. Here's a couple more snow pictures. For those of you who actually have a winter every year you're probably wondering what all the fuss is about but I've only seen snow like this about two or three times in the 15 years I've been in Aberdeen. We've reached the stage where our track is nearly impassable which is not normal when you consider that we are only a few hundred metres from the sea.


Anna said...

Lovely FO's, I love that orange!

Love the snow too, we've had some but it's all melted now, it's trying again now but won't stick as it's too wet. Little One liked it though, first time we've had snow stick since he's been alive!

Your secret pal said...

Your knitting is gorgeous! I especially love Lelah and the one skein wonder. They'll look great together--great color.

Ali said...

In the words of Brenda Dale (Cast On) you must have been knitting "like the wind"! Wow - I'm so impressed with them all but especially the asymetrical jumper which is on my list too and I love the lacy pattern you added to your OSW. Your all set for spring now!! If only the snow would melt?

Kathleen said...

Hiya, first time visitor.
Enjoyed looking at your finished objects, particularly loving the Teva Durham Assymetric (sp?). I have wondered how it would turn out, and I must say I think it looks brilliant.