Monday, 2 January 2006

My New Year's resolution is... stop being such a messy bastard. I've just got fed-up with living in such a tip. I know it's not so easy to be tidy when you've got as much junk as I have but I'm learning to let go of the "stuff" and be a bit tidier in the process. Instead of hoarding I'm trying to use up stuff as I go instead. So part A of the plan towards the enlightenment of being tidy has included a clearout of our pantry. It had kind of turned into a bit of a dumping ground which was getting pretty minky.

So in the space of a day I cleaned it out, repainted it white, turfed out rubbish, tidied things into plastic boxes and generally improved things. Does hid no luk bonny?!

Next thing to have been sorted is all my crafty stuff. The original bookcase has a spectacular lean to it if it wasn't for the wall holding it in place.

So it was off to the Holy Grail of storage enhancement - Ikeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa - to purchase that knitting blogger's favourite of Expedit. For £69 you can't go too far wrong can you? Robert did help me put it together as it is quite a big thing.

Doesn't it look pretty when it's filled up with all my bits and bobs. I still haven't managed to get a'thing into the one area of course so all my photography stuff is in the 1950's kitchen cabinet next to Expedit. Robert did comment on how much wool I had but he doesn't know the half of it. I did tell him that he was lucky as there are a lot of women out there who have a whoro'a lot more stuff then me. I'm just a beginner really.

It'll be interesting to see how far all this has progressed by the end of 2006. We shall see...!


Ali said...

There's no stopping you now! Love the Ikea shelves - very cute.

knitsnspins said...

Mo, love the storage unit, I'm going to have to invest in something like that when #1 daughter finally moves her wardrobe out of our study.
Tell Robert I've got more stuff sitting under my stairs than you've got in that cupboard. There's also the loft and the garage to, and one or two small boxes in my bedroom.