Wednesday, 4 May 2005

Suspicions confirmed...

I knew it, I just bloody well knew it! We have a standing order with a certain oil company to provide out kerosene (that would be C***** Oils) which means we pay them pennies and they're supposed to come along and fill our tank up every month during the winter with top-ups every couple of months during the summer. And have they done as they promised (contract, there was a contract) - have they fuck! Twice we've had to ask them to turn up when we've run out and now we've run out for third sodding time. We're just bloody lucky that it's a lot warmer than the last two times we ran out (Jan and Feb - you can imagine). So guess who's getting sacked as our supplier tomorrow. I'm letting Robert do that bit. Usually I would do it as I'm a bit more polite than he is but considering what a pigs ear they've made of the whole thing I'm quite happy for Robert to wade in and give them lalldy this time. Twats!

Went to the University for a "networking" event but it was pretty shite too. Aberdeen Uni told us how brilliant they were and what they can do with all their expertise but they forgot to tell us how this matches up with private enterprise and what sort of benefit they would be. It always amazed me when I was still in academia how many of them could only think with a public sector head on and were totally incapable of applying any sort of business sense or practice to their daily working routine. Long live bureaucratic procedure in the ivory towers. I love doing research but I really need to see a practical end point to it all. Unfortunately there are too many out there who believe themselves to be much more important than they actually are and that the world will fall down without them. Realistically it will carry on quite happily without any of us. It would be nice to think that we affect those around us in positive way but I know I've said and done some horrible things in my time and so has everybody else here. I'll just keep on trying. This is all getting a bit profound and introspective...can't even blame PMT - not unless it's PostMT!

On a much happier note some of my seeds in my propagators are coming through (easily pleased nowadays) so that's some bunny tails (type of grass - not the puffy stuff) and more cerinthes (fave flower of last year) coming through. I counted 10 swallows the other night too as they were dive bombing me. Take a wee bit of a time out and the nice things in life are out there to gawp at in open-mouthed amazement.

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