Tuesday, 17 May 2005

A bit of a Scarlett moment

As God is my witness (not that I'm a God-believing person but I can only paraphrase so far) I will finish the sleeves of Lucky Clover tonight. Once I've made the tea and done a huge pile of ironing that is. But otherwise I will finish this damned jumper. Why is it that it went so quickly doing the body but it has been so slow doing the arms - painfully so! So many other things I want to make but I'm determined they won't started until Lucky Clover and the Shetland shawl are finished. Grrrrrrrrr!

Just joined my first Secret Pal thingie. Wonder what fantastical things I can think of that are particularly Scottish in a woolly, crafty line - mmm, pondering. Never done one of these before so should be fun. It means presents and I LOVE presents. I actually like looking for presents almost as much as getting them. Chocolate - good, pretty things - good, pink/purple - good, sensible stuff - bad (unless it's cooking toys like ice-cream makers or Nigella Lawson mixing bowls - then it's good)!

Right - what shall we have for tea that's reasonably healthy and will help get my man's cholesterol down a bit, since exercise isn't top of his agenda at the moment. I despair, I really do - oh woe is me, my man ignores any health advice I try to give him. Why do I worry about this - does that make him any different from any other Scottish man? I think not. And I've got a whole weekend of unhealthy, overweight blokes to look forward to. The glamour of offshore!

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