Friday, 8 April 2005

It's been a while...

I haven't been hiding, just busy with work stuff! My assignment has been emailed off to Heriot-Watt for marking, don't know how long it will take, but at least it's away now. I've got loads of mental health stuff to pull together for a bunch of presentations I'm due to do so that'll keep me going for the next few weeks. A bit more paid work would be nice but there are loads of proposals in - just waiting patiently for them to come to something.

Knitting has been a bit of disaster area. Nothing major - just a reasonable amount of ripping back going on. I started a shawl - did 12 rows and discovered I'd lost 4 stitches. That got ripped back. Then I started the sleeve for the Lucky Clover Wrap and did about 20 rows only to find I'd overlapped my clover pattern. I'd missed out 2 rows and it was easier to rip it back to the beginning and start again from scratch than it would have been to rip it back only to the mistake and attempt to pick up the stitches. The shrug, from the Rowan Cork, is going fine but I've just spotted a cool pattern on the new Spring Knitty that I like even better so I think I'm going to rip it back and start again. Probably all these goofs are something to do with an eclipse somewhere!

It's a really cold day here today. Spring started and then winter has kicked in with one little reminder about what it can do just so we don't get too complacent. Very windy and lots of snow showers. Nothing really lying on the ground but enough to make it uncomfortable.

Think I'll go and do some knitting - relaxation time!

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