Wednesday, 13 April 2005


That's better! Home alone so feeling a bit lost. Robert's away to Englandshire for a few days with work and it feels ever so quiet in the house without him. The boys will hopefully come in later to distract me but I've really been procrastinating with the best of them today. I did finish off a bit of weeding that needed doing prior to the MIL/FIL visit this weekend. And I did make it up to the recycling bins to get rid of all the bottles and cardboard boxes. Don't forget that I painted a sign for the house today as well - we don't have one and after 2 and a bit years it might be a good idea. Stops it being such guesswork for everybody when they turn up to the house. But I really didn't do as much stuff on any health topics today as I should have. Just no concentration available to me today. Never mind - I've got a conference to distract me all day tomorrow. I'm sure weight management should be scintillating enough for a day's entertainment.

Think I might dig out my beads and make some stitchmarkers. It could end so, so badly!

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