Wednesday, 2 February 2005

Having a really hard time getting up at the moment - I'm just finding everything really slow going. I don't know if it's connected with my lovely experience last week of getting my Mirena fitted but I've just felt really knocked for six since last Tuesday. I really haven't got much done and it's starting to make me pissed off with myself because I don't want to get into a bad pattern of behaviour. I need to stem the downward slide before it takes over.

We got our kitchen design back but Robert hates it - typical. I've downloaded the Ikea kitchen planner to have a go myself and he seems to like some of the things in that so with a bit of toing and froing and fiddling about we might get something that he actually likes at some point. I would feel happier doing it if I definitely had some money coming in but I reckon there should be something soon. I've been making a few contacts as well so I'm about to send out my CV to a few folk to build up on that.

And on the knitting front...? Finished my little beanie hat with the Opal wool and there's still loads of it left. I can't believe how far that stuff goes. I'm back onto my hoodie and I've finished the body of it so it's the boring sleeves next. They're already a quarter done so by the weekend I might be close to wearing it. I reckon it's going to be dead cosy - and it's pink of course which is always a bonus as far as I'm concerned.

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