Saturday, 15 October 2011

I am an Offbeat Bride!

It finally happened.  I submitted our wedding to Offbeat Bride and got the shock of my life last night when I wandered over to the site for a looksee and saw a very familiar photo in the sidebar. A tad surreal to say the least, especially as it all seems so long ago!

This two-part wedding had an intimate humanist ceremony followed by amazing seafood at a local restaurant and then a cracking ceilidh for the rest of the guests the next day. Though there were some hiccups with the liquor license, this wild bunch still managed to leave some blood on the dance floor from the "dance of death!" Wild, woolly, and amazing. Would you want it any other way?

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Twelfthknit said...

Your wedding looks great. We looked at Arbroath venues for our wedding because I was living there at the time but we ended up at Fasque House.