Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Twist Fibre Craft Studio - Kim Hargreaves Roadshow

Sunday involved a visit to my Mammy and the Twist Fibre Craft Studio at Newburgh in Fife because they were holding a Kim Hargreaves roadshow.  It was so fine to try on lots of the sample garments just to get an idea of what suited and what didn't.  I already have the Heartfelt book so Mum got me Amber and Thrown Together as part of my Christmas.  She's also got me a couple of hours of spinning tuition as well for next year so I'm happy.

These are all the ones I tried on...my Ravelry list has grown badly!


Zoe said...

Hi Maureen

Thanks for the comment. Wow you flew helicopters, tell me more?


Grand Purl Baa said...

Hello Maureen
Thank you for visiting GPB. I want it NOW too.

Have a great Christmas.