Wednesday, 14 October 2009

I went somewhere...

I left the joys of Laurencekirk behind last week to head to London with two aims in mind!  One was to visit Ally Pally and the ace Knitting and Stitching Show - and to try and not overspend at it.  The second was to see how far I could get down the route of finding frocks/finalising ideas on what my bridesmaids would be happy to wear.

I ended up buying a bit more than I intended to at Ally Pally but that was Habu's fault! Then I needed to get fibre for spinning since that's the newest hobby...really must put the spinning wheel together!

The rest of the London trip involved a lot of walking around, exploring vintage shops and the vintage fair at Hammersmith, visiting the Plinth to see what the latest individual was up to, a detour to the V&A and general catching up.  Plus there seemed to be an awful lot of looking in the windows of cake shops!

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