Sunday, 5 October 2008

My first one...

...5k that is!

This Sunday, for pleasure (!), I ran my first 5k race. It was part of the Loch Ness Marathon weekend but I do know my limitations. Next year might be a different matter!

Now we can't say it was the best time in the world but since I did no training whatsoever in the last month due to various reasons (loads of work, house going on market, just stuff!) then the fact that I got round the course and ran the whole way is doing alright I reckon.

Made it in 33 mins 44 secs so just over 6.5 minutes per km. Does make me wonder what I'd do if I actually trained for it!


Ali said...

Fab! Congratualtions, and it looks like it was nice weather too.

Maureen said...

It was cool but sunny - not what you expect in October in Inverness.

My thighs really hurt today!