Wednesday, 9 April 2008

My mojo came back

It's taken a while but I think my mojo is finally coming back. It's not like I haven't been knitting - far from it! More that I didn't feel like talking about anything I was doing. Privacy was paramount for a while. I needed the rest and recuperation as life was a bit difficult for a while...pants really! But fresh starts and all that jazz. Onwards and upwards and along the yellow brick road to who knows where with a bit of who knows why and some loverly jubbly fun on the way with a petal who makes it all worthwhile.

I've left my old blog behind as that was a different life. Time to start a new one I thought as the next stage kicks in and it fits in aptly with the whole concept of life beginning at 40 (even though I have, officially, got a month to go before that kicks in - eek!). At least, through it all, my creativity gene never deserted me. Knitting kept me sane. Well, it kept me from stabbing my needles into various individuals as I didn't want to blunt them or get blood all over the wool. Too messy and difficult to get the stains out...;-)

I am in the process of photographing and trying to remember exactly what I made and when. On occasion there may be a bit of "why?" too when things didn't quite work out as they were supposed to...oops! I got my invite to Ravelry yesterday which is looking pretty good. I've been playing with it, adding projects and books, attempting to put on photos (doesn't always work easily but getting there), even had somebody bung me on as a friend already...bless :-) It means I've also ended up upgrading my Flickr membership to a pro account just so I can play more with all my photos. It works out at only a £1 a month so it's hardly deadly is it!

Time to continue playing and life is so exciting! A Saturday night and a'thing. Who cares! Nae me...

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