Monday, 30 April 2007

As Sir Edmund Hillary said about conquering Everest...

"Well, we knocked the bastard off!"

...and that's pretty much how I feel about this Aran jumper!

As we can see the boy is very pleased with the finished article, design enhancements and all, and has promised to take very good care of it.

It only took around 14 months to complete (with a few detours for other projects on the way when I got sick to the back teeth of it - which happened frequently) which I figured out to be about 200 hours of knitting overall.

If I ever offer to knit another one please shoot me. There were moments when it was a pleasurable experience but I would say that it was done more out of love for a very dear friend who knows how to give exactly the right amount of appreciation for all the care and attention that went into it...and for that I appreciate his response.

It's a well travelled jumper. As a guess I would say it was knitted on Arctic 3, Claymore, Solepit Clipper, Alba FSU, Captain FPSO, Auk, Judy and Norwich Airport. Haven't a clue where it'll go on the back of Mr D but we shall see.

I am never knitting a never bloody Aran jumper again - one is enough in a lifetime...!

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Ali said...

It was worth every hour I'm sure. My mum used to knock out Arran's by the dozen but I never appreciated (until now) all of her hard work! Well done misses :)