Saturday, 18 February 2006

SP7 - Look what I got in the post yesterday...

...I got a pressie in the post yesterday. Thank you Secret Pal. I think I scored pretty well. The sweetie kebab has been decimated by about 30% since the photo was taken yesterday and the little sweetheart candies are half-eaten. The crochet hook is very cute and I'm really chuffed with the RYC Cashsoft DK. It's gorgeous stuff (I've knitted a hat with it for someone else). It could be made into either a hat, long skinny scarf or maybe yet another OSW. Who knows?! It's a lovely dusky pink.

Time to get my arse in gear. Need to go into town to pick up our tickets for the Zutons (May 11th - woo hoo!), another ball of RYC Cashsoft DK for a hat for Robert's Mum's birthday (March 3rd) and some row counters. I have lost 2 over the last 3 days - one down the side of my seat on the plane to Manchester on Thursday and the other one between my living room and bedroom. How can you lose something in such a short space? Probably George has nicked it. Need to get back in time for my beloved's birthday tea. We're off out to the Manchurian for a dim sum banquet - it should be so fine.

Happy birthday honeypie, love you loads.


Secret Pal said...

Glad you like it! The crochet hook I found at a little antique shop nearby. Have fun at your dim sum banquet. Sounds fun!

Ali said...

Hi Maureen
Just catching up on my blogging and it seems that you went to Manchester - did you have a nice time or was it for work?
Love your secret Pal pressies. The Cashsoft is lovely. I did a hat for a friend in this too.
Oh and by the way, we hear this week that Aberdeen Council have withdrawn their support from Peacock for their new building so the project isn't going ahead. What a bummer!