Monday, 12 December 2005

Almost sorted...!

It's only now I've photographed everything I've been making over the last wee while that I realise I haven't been sitting on my basket doing sweet Fanny Adam after all. I've been a regular Mrs Beeton with all my craftiness! I dug out the brambles from the freezer and made a whole stack of bramble jelly. Pish easy to do and if you make jelly rather than jam you get all the seeds out of it. So fine to have a dollop of jam in amongst some fine rice pudding - mmmmmmmmmm!

This had to be followed up with a gaggle of sticky toffee puddings for handing out to folk as their Christmas presents - haven't had any complaints yet since I started doing it. The only complaint I get is that they want more sauce - greedy buggers!

Then we had a night over at Eli's, with the girlies, making our Christmas decorations. Of course mine had to be knitted so I had a lot of fun experimenting with electrical wire first...

Then I played with an old top of Eli's that I hacked to pieces and this was the result...

It improved slightly with a bit of a tidy up. We'll call it "the development stage"?!

Next is some Kid Classic gloves from Leigh Radford's book "Alterknits" - they're for *****.

I managed a pair of alpaca bedsocks for ***. Hope she likes them.

She's also getting this loopy scarf. Might be a bit sophisticated for walking the dogs though!

And finally, it's somebody's birthday just before Christmas so they're getting this lacey shrug.

And since it's a marker birthday she's getting a loopy scarf as well - not forgetting a sticky toffee pudding.

So after all that I don't feel quite so lazy after all. Time for some rice pudding and bramble jelly I think...mmm!


knitsnspins said...

Well you've certainly been a busy bunny. I am so far behind with Christmas that I might just firget about it and curl up under my covers and snooze :-)

Ali said...

Can't believe you've been so busy - I'm very impressed indeed!